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0 Comments We Need A Whole Faith

Righteousness was "reconned" to Abraham because of his Faith...

We too must have faith, but our faith must be a "whole" faith that includes

  • The Crucified Christ
  • The Resurrected Christ
  • The Coming Christ
It is in this faith that we have "relationship" and it is in this relationship that we are led to New Life. Christ says "He who Believes on me..." this is the work we are called to!
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0 Comments The Answered Prayer of Hosanna for Palm Sunday 2014

From the Pulpit at Junction Bible Christian Church on Palm Sunday 2014, Pastor Joe speaks of the prayer "Hosanna" which means "pray, save us" and how God the Father has answered in God the Son.

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0 Comments Right & Righteousness Brings Peace to the Heart

From July 1, 2014, The Rev. Dr. C. Joseph Fifer brings a message to the assembly at Junction Bible Christian Church that speaks to the peace of the heart brought about through relationship with Christ Jesus.

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0 Comments Aug 3 2014 Where were you this week?

Jesus says in Matthew 14:16 "They need not go away;" because only He can provide all that we need, and only through Him can we ever be satisfied.

With this in mind, Pastor Joe asks the congregation and all who listen here, "Where were you this week?" and follows with another, "Why?"

Stay in Him! Stay with Him! Go through Him! Is the theme here, because without Him there is nothing.

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