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0 Comments We Need A Whole Faith

Righteousness was "reconned" to Abraham because of his Faith...

We too must have faith, but our faith must be a "whole" faith that includes

  • The Crucified Christ
  • The Resurrected Christ
  • The Coming Christ
It is in this faith that we have "relationship" and it is in this relationship that we are led to New Life. Christ says "He who Believes on me..." this is the work we are called to!
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0 Comments March 17 2013 The Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, and The New Thing

From the Pulpit at Junction Bible Christian Church for the 5th Sunday in Lent, Reverend Fifer speaks to the scripture verse "Behold, I will do a new thing," (Isaiah 43:19)...

The "New Thing" is in Christ and the New Life that He brings forth through the ressurection!

This is more glorious than anything God has done thus far, and He continues in it as He calls each of us to "participate" in Him.

Praise be to God! Through Christ and His call, we share in God's "New Thing" and become a "new thing" ourselves!

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0 Comments July 14 2013 The Us & We of Christ

From the Pulpit at Junction Bible Christian Church, Rev. C. Joseph Fifer speaks of the resposibility each of us who are called to Christ has for one another.

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0 Comments Sept 8 2013 Christ calls you to today!

From the pulpit at Junction Bible Christian Church, the Pastor, Rev. Dr. C. Joseph Fifer speaks to the congregation about the daily call of Christ.

"Yesterday is forgiven, tomorrow is not yours to give, but today in this very moment, Christ is calling you to Himself. What is your answer?" - Pastor Joe

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0 Comments June 1 2014 On The Ascension

As we look up in awe and wonder, we are called to look out to the world. Those with the Faith of Christ Jesus are to prepare the world for His return by introducing the world to the light of the world.

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