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0 Comments The Answered Prayer of Hosanna for Palm Sunday 2014

From the Pulpit at Junction Bible Christian Church on Palm Sunday 2014, Pastor Joe speaks of the prayer "Hosanna" which means "pray, save us" and how God the Father has answered in God the Son.

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0 Comments June 1 2014 On The Ascension

As we look up in awe and wonder, we are called to look out to the world. Those with the Faith of Christ Jesus are to prepare the world for His return by introducing the world to the light of the world.

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1 Comments July 27 2014 The Kingdom Of God Is With You

From the Pulpit at Junction Bible Christian Church, Rev. Dr. C. Joseph Fifer (Pastor Joe) Speaks on the Kingdom of God Parables taught by Jesus. As we hear Jesus describe the Kingdom of God in each, we notice that it is not afar off, but near enough that it touches us in our lives.

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