Junction Bible Christian Church

"Free to be, Come and see"

From The Pastor:

Junction Bible Christian Church      is an Independent / Non-Denominational Christian Church that is Bible Based and Evangelical Centered.

Where "Relationship" not "Religion" is what is important!

It is our relationship to and through Jesus Christ that brings us before God the Father as Brothers and Sisters.

We believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior who redeems us through our relationship with Him. Not by what we do, but solely by what He has done!

We believe the inerrant word of God is the Holy Bible, inspired by the Holy Spirit and worked through human hands in order that He reveal Himself and His will to us.

We preach and teach the Gospel as it is:

"A message of Salvation; Good News for all who seek Him!"

Let us be your Community Church! If you don’t already have a church you call “home” Please join us here.

You are most welcome in the name of Christ Jesus - who calls to all peopleCome and See” (John 1:39)


The Mission of Junction Bible Christian Church

To worship God first and always as the creator and source of life, love, and every blessing!

To spread the Gospel of His Son our Lord Jesus Christ Messiah through service to others and the preaching and teaching of the inerrant message of the Bible so all may come to know Him, His Salvation, and a Spirit led Life to its Full!
(John 10:10)


The Junction Bible Christian Church Board of Elders 

What sort of music do we like?

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